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Last updated: 12/26/2020

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How to Install

Step 1/7: Click the download button at the top of the page!
Step 2/7: In your Minecraft Options, click Resource Packs!
Step 3/7: Click "Open Resource Pack Folder"!
Step 4/7: Drag the resource pack .zip file into the resourcepacks folder!
Step 5/7: Click "Done" and reopen the Resource Packs menu!
Step 6/7: Click the right-facing arrow on the "C" icon and then click "Done"!
Step 7/7: You now have the Chameebling Resource Pack! Enjoy!

Inspired by existing top-of-the-line packs, designed for PvP

Inspired by the resource pack of Rebel Guy, a former PvPer on the Mineplex server. The Chameebling resource back continues his legacy with its advanced PvP features, designed by hand, to improve PvP experience.

Uniqueness that stands out, and it makes other packs boring

Many resource packs follow a GUI that is supposed to feel natural, but the Chameebling resource pack follows a GUI without any curved corners for a simple feel that focuses on the PvP factors.

Not just the textures

The old explosion sound, rarely seen on other resource packs, is brought to the Chameebling resource pack, along with old bow sounds for a unique feel when you or other players shoot arrows! A unique firework sound allows for a unique experience for gameplay in Minecraft servers!